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Sponsorship allows you to make a donation which will go to help a particular dog.

Has a dog caught your attention but you can't adopt? Then sponsor it instead.


The minimum sponsorship amount is 5€ a month.


You an sponsor several dogs, and, in reverse, a dog may have several sponsors.


Your donation will help pay vaccinations, vet bills, food etc. whatever the needs of your dog.


  • 5€ pays an anti-flea/tick treatment
  • 10€ pays an anti-flea/tick treatment and a worming treatment
  • 15€ feeds a small/medium sized dog for one month*
  • 20€ feeds a large dog for one month**


*ANNUAL SPONSORSHIPS *A bookmark with a photo of your dog and a surprise gift.


As sponsorship is a regular donation, at the end of the year in December, you can request to receive a 'tax receipt' which enables French taxpayers to claim a tax credit equal to 66% of your annual sponsorship donation, in the limit of 20% of your annual income.


Every month you will receive photos and an update on your dog. You will also be able to see updates on the Cahors Dog Refuge sponsorship facebook page -


* Sponsors giving 15€ a month will receive the gift of a bookmark with a photo of their dog. 

** Sponsors giving 20€ a month will receive the gift of a bookmark with a photo of their dog and a broach (pins). 


It is very simple. Complete the sponsorship form and :


  • bring the form to the refuge in person and pay the sponsorship amount chosen in cash.You can pay 6 months at one time or at monthly intervals meaning you would visit the refuge at the start of every month and pay your monthly sponsorship.
  • send an email, with the completed sponsorship form attached, to, please put "sponsorship and dog's name" in the subject header. You then make a payment via the button on the Refuge Canin Lotois website - do not forget to tick the box to set up your monthly payments or one payment if doing an annual sponsorship. Here you can make a payment using a paypal account or a bank card. *NOTE: please put the dog's name as a reference against all online payments
  • send the form in the post to Parrainages, Refuge Canin Lotois, Combe de Faxilières, 46090 LE MONTAT with your cheques. One cheque a month will be cashed unless you choose to send one cheque for 6 months or a year's sponsorship. 


        I would like a tax receipt.


Blandine Varnier and Ginny PASCHALL are ready to answer all your questions, in English or in French.

They will send you updates and photos as well as let you know if your dog is adopted.