Combes des Faxilières,

46090 Le Montat


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 Gender : Male
 Breed : Border cross X
 Born : 01/11/2013 (vet's estimate)
 Arrived : 11/06/2019

 Sexe : Mâle

 Race : X croisĂ© Border
 NĂ© le : 01/11/2013 (estimation vĂ©tĂ©rinaire)
 ArrivĂ© le : 11/06/2019

Le bel Oreo est un chien affectueux, gourmand et drĂ´le.
Il aime le contact humain mais moins celui des congénères. Il accompagnera volontiers son maître en promenade, Oreo est jovial et plein de vie.

❊ CaractĂ©ristiques principales : 

Chien affectueux.


❊ Caractère : 

Proche de l’homme, à l’écoute.

❊ PrĂ©cautions Ă  prendre : 

❊ Environnement prĂ©fĂ©rable : 

Maison avec jardin.

❊ Son histoire : 

Adopté en refuge il y a environ 4 ans avec Rosi, il a été récupéré suite au décès de l’adoptant.

The beautiful Oreo is a loving, funny dog who can be a bit greedy!


He likes human contact, is keen to please and has some training - he knows to sit, lie-down etc. He is keen to make friends with other dogs but is a little wary at first. He is easy to walk and doesn't pull on the lead.


He will gladly accompany his master on a walk, Oreo is jovial and full of life.

❊ Affectionate dog with some training

❊ Loves humans, listens: a smart dog.

❊ Oreo would like a house with a garden.

❊ Adopted from a shelter about 4 years ago with Rosi. He came to the Cahors shelter following the death of his adoptive owner.