Combe des Faxilières,

46090 Le Montat


05 65 22 66 32

Combes des Faxilières,

46090 Le Montat


05 65 22 66 32

Are you looking for a compagnon ? Come and adopt a dog at the refuge. The dogs depend on you!

Dogs awaiting adoption

Welcome to Cahors Dog Refuge


Come and meet us, get information and/or walk the dogs on :


Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 2.30pm to 6pm


Next Event


Friday 28th February 2.30pm to 5pm

The RCL is returning to the EHPAD d'Olt (Old People's Home) for the dogs to spend an afternoon with the residents.

Contact us if you'd like to help.




The team at the Refuge Canin Lotois are launching an appeal for foster families:

SOS Foster Families, the most vulnerable need you !

Some dogs have little chance of leaving the refuge for a forever home of their own; think of those dogs which are elderly, handicapped, ill, too scared of people or just anti-social. If you are interested in offering one such dog a few weeks as part of your family to help rebuild their confidence and trust in people or a home for their 'end-of-life',  then please complete our

Foster Family Questionnaire



Sponsoring a Dog

A particular dog touches you and you'd like to support it while we find a forever home?

You can sponsor it. 


Monthly, or annual, donations would help us provide what the dog needs, whether they be medical or behavioural.


We are looking for volunteers to: 

walk the dogs,

clean the kennels and runs,

help with stalls at markets and organised events,

cake sales and boot fairs ...

Make a donation

Did you know?

As a French taxpayer, you receive a tax credit of 66% on your gift(s),

so a donation of 75€ would only cost you 25€

Urgent adoptions

Lilou ♀ & Oria ♀

! urgent ! To de adopted together

Callasy ♂

! urgent !

Djenga ♀

! urgent !